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Mechanisorption mimics biomolecular machinery

Molecular pumps round up rings from solution, concentrating them on a MOF surface

LyondellBasell draws Clean Air Act fines and wrongful death lawsuits

Compliance measures, penalties, and new potential liability could exceed $55 million

Resilience puts $30 million into partnership with Harvard

Ambitious start-up backs university research into breakthrough therapies

Women submitted fewer papers during the start of COVID-19

The finding spanned all research areas in a study of Elsevier journals

Engineered enzyme does asymmetric C–N bond twofer

Enzyme delivers chiral anilines with high selectivity

Biogen's ALS drug falters in Phase 3 trials

The antisense drug tofersen failed to improve symptoms of the neurodegenerative disease, but the company wants to expand access to it anyway

Carbon nanostructure takes infinite shape

New compound is made of 12 aromatic rings looped into a figure 8

What are glow sticks, and what's the chemical reaction that makes them light up?

Mixing hydrogen peroxide, oxalate esters, and certain dyes results in some illuminating chemistry

Chemistry in Pictures: Hope she was collecting the solid phase

European energy and chemical firms eye green hydrogen projects

Multi-billion-dollar investments could accelerate transition from oil to renewables

US EPA sets timeline for regulating PFAS

Agency divides “forever chemicals” into 20 categories for toxicity testing

New weight-loss drugs could shift the scales

Despite the field's checkered past, new weight-loss drugs appear safer and more effective. But critics question whether we even need these drugs at all

Periodic Graphics: The chemistry of anesthetics

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explores the history of anesthetics and how some of the compounds work.

After years of dabbling, Japan gets serious about plastics recycling

New law and China's ban on waste imports put recycling at top of producers' agenda

Cassandra Quave's adventure-filled memoir The Plant Hunter details challenges and triumphs in her search for anti-infective molecules

In her quest, the ethnobotanist has interviewed traditional healers, snipped shrubs on Mediterranean mountaintops, and fashioned a child's toy into a laboratory tool

Colorful science: purple bean pods and dazzling white paint that cools

NOBCChE 2021: Another virtual year

The National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers focuses on its legacy of resilience

Moderna announces plans to manufacture vaccines in Africa

The $500 million project targets mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 and other viral infections

India's Reliance pushes into solar energy

BASF starts battery installation

Air Products plans blue hydrogen in US

US FDA restores ban on lead in hair dyes

Small molecule fights dengue in mice

JNJ-A07 blocks the interaction of 2 viral proteins

Mussel adhesives rely on a pinch of vanadium

Mussels slowly sprinkle metal ions into sticky protein fluid to make tough glues that cure underwater

Lawmakers seek overhaul of animal biotechnology rules

LG Chem plans ABS compounding facility in the US

Groups want tighter water pollution limits for US industry

Covestro to lead rigid-foam-insulation-effort in the EU

Chemists hijack whole cell to build new-to-nature compounds

Introduced metalloenzyme produces unnatural terpenoid in E. coli

Paul Stoffels, Johnson & Johnson's CSO, to retire