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How the the drug services industry found itself prepared for a pandemic

Supply chain discipline has paid off for contract development and manufacturing organizations amid an ongoing crisis

Weighing wastewater's worth as a COVID-19 monitoring tool

More than a year into surveilling sewage for outbreaks, scientists have a better idea of what the approach can-and can't-tell us about the health of communities

Periodic Graphics: What is Play-Doh made of?

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning rolls out the chemistry behind the colorful, nontoxic modeling material

Join C&EN's annual #ChemNobel prediction webinar

C&EN staff and a panel of experts share their thoughts on who will receive the big prize

Novel P and N chemistry

2 groups made new molecules from the unstable PN combination

Chemistry cover-up and incoherent chloroform

Spiky surfaces steer different fluids in opposite directions

Simple, pump-free transport of liquids could be used in microfluidics, electronics cooling, and mixture separations

Phospha-bora-Wittig reaction makes its debut

A new variant of the classic Wittig reaction offers a route to phosphaalkenes

Oil and chemical firms back Houston carbon-capture hub

Novasep and PharmaZell to merge into big drug services firm

Ineos is going low carbon in Scotland

BASF wins $85 million antitrust judgment against Ingevity

Touchlight extends funding to $125 million

Sterling opens continuous-flow R&D center

Novartis acquires optogenetics startup Arctos

McDonald's to cut plastics in Happy Meal toys

Danimer fires back at another short-seller report

Branched polyphosphates can be stable after all

Next step: Find them in biological systems

858 Therapeutics raises $60 million

GenEdit raises $26 million for polymer nanoparticles

Circa picks site for novel solvent plant

New method makes starch from CO₂ faster than plants can

The advance hints at sustainable, efficient factory production of food and industrial chemicals

Pressure's on to reduce animal testing in the EU

Parliament votes to accelerate transition to nonanimal methods for health and safety science

Racial bias appears in espionage charges

An increasing number of people with Asian names are being charged, but a lower percentage are being convicted, a new analysis shows

Electronic chemicals draw investment

Merck KGaA, Huntsman, and JSR respond to semiconductor shortages

A natural mosquito repellent's most active form found

Chemists synthesized the most potent diastereomer by controlling reaction conditions

Chemistry in Pictures: Glowing galaxy

GenEdit raises $26 million to develop polymer nanoparticles

The nanoparticles could deliver CRISPR gene editing therapies and drugs based on RNA and DNA

Restoring coral reefs with 3D-printed skeletons

Complex shapes molded or 3D printed with calcium carbonate give corals a realistic structure to grow on

Chemistry in Pictures: Calcium is so hot right now