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Novavax vaccine shows strong protection against COVID-19

The protein-based vaccine was more than 90% effective at preventing COVID-19 in a Phase 3 trial

GSK to buy iTeos' anti-TIGIT antibody for up to $2 billion

It's the latest large deal for a company looking for new checkpoint inhibitors

Solvay provides contested PFAS reference standard

The compound, C6O4, was the subject of an international patent dispute

PFAS undisclosed in most cosmetics sold in the US and Canada

Study finds hundreds of products contain fluorinated compounds not listed on the label

Small molecule fights active and latent herpes infections in rodents

IM-250 designed to reach central nervous system where it can go after the dormant virus

Chemjobber on how to deliver bad news

Be prepared to say what happened and why, and offer solutions

Mechanism of cyanine spectral shift found

Buffer conditions can suppress or enhance the phototruncation reaction

Clariant finds a buyer for its pigment unit

The Swiss company is selling the unit to a German competitor, Heubach, and a private equity firm

Chemistry in Pictures: Always welcome

EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Awards announced

Winners recognized for developing greener products and processes

Chemistry in Pictures: Kinks in molecular chains

COVID-19 test used in UK mass screening program receives stinging rebuke from FDA

US health agency's warning for Innova raises fresh questions about efficacy of ‘Operation Moonshot' antigen test

2021 US Chemistry Olympiad team named

International competition will be online again because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Can industry decarbonize steelmaking?

Major steelmakers and disruptive start-ups look to hydrogen and renewable electricity to make green steel

Will the biodegradable plastic PHA finally deliver?

Producers of the polymer say they are getting traction in the marketplace, but others have doubts

Beirut-based atmospheric chemist Najat Saliba discusses the challenges of doing science during political and economic turmoil

The atmospheric chemist is studying the Beirut chemical explosion's effects on air pollution

Reduction carves path to chiral compounds

Asymmetrical Zn is key to compounds with 4 different carbon groups

Cool cats in fake squares and hands that tell chemical stories

Phosphonium salt boosts electrochemical Haber-Bosch reaction

An electrochemical Haber-Bosch process achieves record efficiency and longevity with the aid of a fast proton shuttle

Nobel laureate Ei-ichi Negishi dies at 85

Organic chemist known for coupling reaction remembered as warm and generous

Novel antifungal wins FDA approval

Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure dispute causes a chemist to withdraw from UNC faculty search

UNC chemistry faculty respond with letter to administration warning tenure decision will do widespread harm

US EPA seeks data from PFAS makers

Proposal focuses on production, use, disposal, and health effects of chemicals

US EPA adds 3 PFAS to toxics release reporting

Action affects perfluorooctyl iodide and two PFOA salts

Huntsman to boost carbonates for battery electrolytes

Brightmark to build second plastics recycling plant

AbbVie and Caraway partner on Parkinson's disease

Massive blue hydrogen investment planned in North America

Projects in Alberta and North Dakota aim to create low-carbon hydrogen from natural gas

Eastman to sell tire additives business

Lenzing, Södra to jointly recycle textiles